So what we really desire to do with our life is homestead and document the experience. This is hard to do when you need to work a full time job to get by. We are not on land at the moment but would like to be. We are currently working to pay off debts and after that we wish to save and buy land. In between we will be figuring out the simple life style and yurt living. If you enjoy our articles and videos and want to see more donations can go a long way to telling us this and making it so we can spend more time on them since it take a long time to get articles written and videos made and edited(Especially with children). I am currently trying to figure out how to make enough monthly that I can make yurts and make videos pertaining to homesteading on a full time basis. Truly the greatest support you can give is to like and share our content on different social media platforms and get what we are doing out to as many people as possible. This alone will help tremendously.

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